Breakdown the running style that molded you and promotes injury. Build new technique that allows you to progress and mitigate bad form and old muscle memory. I received great support and structure that helped me with injuries coming into the first class. I am now injury free, running faster and have better form, technique and efficiency when I run.
— David B.

Running.... Running how I loathe thee. Used to be my motto until I met Josh! He is one of the most knowledgable and down to earth people I know. He goes above and beyond ensuring I’m motivated in just the right moments. Josh has a gift to be able to look at someone running and be able to make tiny adjustments which makes a world of a difference. Running is still not my favorite sport, however, I’m enjoying it more than ever! I will continue to recommend Josh for any swim, bike, run and all fitness adventures to anyone who is looking for that expertise and added push.
— Sonia Halim

Coach Cagwin is awesome. He helped me with all my training for my very first triathlon and I hit every goal I set for myself. Coach Cagwin is not only a great coach but a great person and inspiration. As I was transitioning from the swim to the bike I could hear coach Cagwin cheering me on. The same went for the bike to run transition. Those little moments of inspiration gave me an extra push to finish strong and represent his efforts in providing a legit training program.
— Kris

I love Coach Josh, He programmed all my workouts to complete my first triathlon. He believed in me when I didn’t think I could do it, pushed when I needed it and cheered me on. He evaluated my running helping me to be more efficient. I was very prepared and enjoyed the race. I can’t wait to call him when I am ready to train for another race.
— Jackie Beck, 52